Company Profile

Trade name nanoseed Inc.
Head office Smile Building 203, 1267-1 Nakagomi, Saku City, Nagano 385-0051 JAPAN Map
Founded November 27, 2015
Representative Director Takehiko HOSOGAYA
Capital 27 million yen
Trading bank
  • Gunma Bank Ueda Branch
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ueda Branch
  • Nagano Credit Union Iwamurata Branch
Financial results June
Main businesses
  1. Development, manufacturing, sales and import / export of nanomist manufacturing equipment application technology
  2. Air conditioning management and construction work applying nanomist manufacturing equipment
  3. Manufacturing and sales of aroma oils, deodorants, etc.
  4. All other business incidental to the above items
Main business companies
  • Daiohs Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Okamura Co., Ltd.
Main partner companies
  • System One Co., Ltd.
  • Cowbell Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshida Industry Co., Ltd.