Silent Nano Diffuser
nanoseed (IGNW-01)

This is a popular compact model since its product launch.

Silent Nano Diffuser is a diffuser with a completely new idea as diffusing nanosized liquid without use of fan/ motor or even taking advantage of the principle of ion engine used in satellite (Patented)

All of the useful functions such as sterilization, deodorization, aroma, and repellent action (insect repellent)* can be executed only by a single unit of the diffuser.

*For deodorization, aroma, or repellent action (insect repellent), it requires special water and aroma oil separately installed in the main unit.


Silent Nano Diffuser
nanoseed α(SND-450)

This is a high power model equipped with four ion engines and dedicated to sterilization and deodorization*.

Providing faster, wider, and longer, and more effective nano potential compared to the compact model

*For sterilization or deodorization, it requires special water separately installed in the main unit.


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The colors in the picture image and the actual product may appear differently.

The effect of sterilization and deodorizer spreads into every corner of the room

Functional water and aroma oil discharged from our patented & unique ion engines will be nanosized and also actively floating toward positive electrons in the room due to being negatively charged as negative electrons at the same time.

Thus, it generates a deodorizing effect for half-dry laundry, raw garbage, or ammonia odor by being combined with unpleasant malodorous substances.

spread image of nano paticulars

Frequently asked questions

We summarized the question contents about the products up to the present.

What is the dimensions of nanoseed?

It is W163 x D154 x H155mm.

What is the weight of nanoseed?

It is 1.2kg for the main unit
(excluding AC adapter).

What is required to operate the product?

It requires AC adapter.
nanoseed/nanoseed α

What is the dimensions of nanoseed α?

It is W285 x D285 x H700mm.

What is the weight of nanoseed α?

It is 10.5kg for the main unit (excluding AC adapter and functional water tank).

What is the power consumption?

nanoseed: Max 10W
nanoseed α: Max 35W

Where can I purchase the products?

Please purchase the products via a dealer.

Do you offer after-sales service?

A one-year product warranty will be provided for your purchase.
For breakdown/repair, please contact us via a dealer.

Do you also lease the products?

There may be a lease service available by a dealer.

What kind of effects do the products offer?

The products can be used for deodorization and sterilization through nanosized functional water.

In addition, with nanosized aroma oil, you can enjoy the fragrance and also use it for repellent action (insect repellent) as well *.

*It is a limited function only for IGNW-01. Aroma oil can not be used with SND-450.

Ideal places for the product use

We recommend that the products should particularly be used in important places with odor sensitivity/hygienic environment such as hospital, nursing home, office, and car.

Can I see a real product?

A dealer will bring a product for demonstration. Please contact a dealer for your request.

Please send your inquiry from here.